Training basics 1: Kamae

Commentary: Terada Sensei How to perform the action: Pay attention to the positioning of the mokuju. It should be vertical, not on an angle. Your right hand should be resting lightly against your body. Your right hand should be low on the mokuju grip. The shoubi (butt) of the mokujo should be in positioned forward... Continue Reading →

Takebayashi (kendo) vs Larsen (jukendo)

Jukendo-ka commentary: Larsen This was my second ishu jiai using a mokuju versus kendo. It was my opponents first time against mokuju so I was very confident that my vast experience would bring me victory The first time I did ishu jiai using a mokuju the jukendo sensei watching us was yelling at me constantly... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Jukendo World

Ewa and I were introduced to Jukendo after seeing Baptiste Tavernier on NHK. We were in Japan for a brief 3 month stay and thought it would be fun to try. Terada Sensei kindly agreed to train us despite Ewa turning up on crutches the first day. We spent that first afternoon in his driveway... Continue Reading →

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