Training Basics: Migi No Harai Tsuki

When talking about the technique it is called "Migi No Harai Tsuki". When issuing the command for the technique it is "Migi wo harae tsuke". Terada sensei performs the kihon (basic) version of the technique at 00:26. Reach forward with the mokuju and rapidly bring it back into kamae knocking the opponents mokuju off the... Continue Reading →

Kata: Mokuju tai Mokuju 1: Chokutotsu

The person that initiates the kata is called Uchikata The person that performs the technique is called Shikata Mokuju versus Mokuju kata is started 9 steps apart   Basic Movements: Starting from Chudan 3 steps each to issoku itto no ma (ten cm overlap of mokuju) Uchikata tenses as if to strike, this makes a... Continue Reading →

Fumikomi Exercise

Fumikomi for jukendo is very important and slightly different to other martial arts I have done. Today’s footwork exercises are lead by Hisatsune sensei. As Hisatsune sensei demonstrates the distance taken for each step is very small and the back foot comes up very quickly. During each step you are in a vulnerable state and... Continue Reading →

Training basics: Kote

A very important aspect of receiving (and striking) Kote is to remember that the target is actually the heart. It is simply that the receiver attempts to cover their heart with their kote which results in the differently named strike. As with Omote, Ura and Shita the striker does very little different to a normal... Continue Reading →

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