2023 Where did the time go?

We're back, in a slightly limited form. Currently no translations etc and the video editing is of a different style. Plus I never actually made a post on the site myself ahahahaha I am going to break everything probably! The Jukendo Renmei held the international seminar again and afterwards a bunch of the jukendo world... Continue Reading →

Sato-sensei’s Jukendo Grading Notes

From Tooru Sato-sensei Below are a compilaton of notes from Sato-sensei as to what he looks for when grading a practitioner - there is both a text and table version below depending on your reading preference. Appearance/Attitude Keikogi and hakama are worn properly Mental Attitude Heart is serene and spirit full. Kamae Weapon is held... Continue Reading →


Basic strikes Omote [J]: Direct thrust forward at opponents uwadou. In this strike there’s no impediment to the attacker thrusting in a straight line forward to meet the target. When practicing, the motodachi will usually open their left out slightly to clear the path for the attacker. First command to attacker is usually tsuki; onaji... Continue Reading →

Jukendo level and grading requirements

All Japan Jukendo Federation Eligibility Requirements Jukendo・Tankendo: Dan, Shogo, Referee Certifications DAN Shodan                 Must be over 13.   (provisional:  must have been holding the rank of 1-kyu for a minimum of 6 months.)   2 dan Must have been holding the rank of Sho-dan for a minimum of 1 year.   3 dan Must have been... Continue Reading →

J is for Jukendo. And for Japan – Part 3

By Nuno Vieira de Almeida   July 23rd 2018 This would be the first day of Jukendo training in Japan and, lucky me, we would be training with a group of people from the Japan’s Self Defense Forces (Jieitai) in the afternoon. Because of the intense heatwave sweeping Japan, hydration and preventing heatstroke and exertion... Continue Reading →

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