Aichi Teams Match – Chuuken

Commentary by Simon Larsen Ewa is really good at maintaining constant pressure and doing kaeshi (returning strikes) techniques. I find kaeshi techniques are really annoying, it means I have to get away from her after a successful strike so much faster and with maintained covering against her. I believe it is entirely possible in tankendo... Continue Reading →

Starting out: Warsaw, Poland

By Jacek Lipiński   What is your budo background? I am a kendo godan, when I started doing jukendo I was a yondan.   Why did you start a jukendo training group? I was always interested in jukendo, but it was one of those martial arts, that you knew was there somewhere, but too far... Continue Reading →

Aichi Teams Match – Jihou

Commentary by Simon Larsen Both players open in the same manner. Moving forward but in a circular pattern. To my mind this is a fairly defensive way of testing out an opponent you suspect is going to be good. The first series of strikes all look to be made by confident mindsets and the attacking... Continue Reading →

Starting out: Melbourne, Australia

What is your budo background? I’ve been studying atarashii naginata for over a decade now and acting as instructor for the Victorian Naginata Renmei for about 8 years; I wasn’t yet shodan when I began instructing, it was a case of there was no-one senior to me left to run classes and it was figure... Continue Reading →

Aichi Teams Match – Senpo

Commentary by Simon Larsen I have a better win ratio in the teams than the individuals, especially if I play in the first position (senpo). As far as I am aware the psychology of going first is not so much to win but to set a good mood for your team i.e. if you lose... Continue Reading →

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