Aichi Teams Match – Chuuken

Commentary by Simon Larsen Ewa is really good at maintaining constant pressure and doing kaeshi (returning strikes) techniques. I find kaeshi techniques are really annoying, it means I have to get away from her after a successful strike so much faster and with maintained covering against her. I believe it is entirely possible in tankendo... Continue Reading →

Aichi Teams Match – Senpo

Commentary by Simon Larsen I have a better win ratio in the teams than the individuals, especially if I play in the first position (senpo). As far as I am aware the psychology of going first is not so much to win but to set a good mood for your team i.e. if you lose... Continue Reading →

Mens Individual: Match 51 Senior Division

Commentary by Simon Larsen This is from the next age group up. Tankendo shiai for the All Japans is not separated into Civilian / Air Force & Navy / Army groups like the Individuals for Jukendo. It is separated into age groups: 0-35, 36-50, 50+ usually.   Hisatsune loves shou ippon do. I know; he... Continue Reading →

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