Training advanced: Receiving Ura

Receiving Dattotsu: Most of the elements in Receiving Chokutotsu apply here: The tiny step and receiving of the strike The correct distance Posture while receiving   For dattotsu the motodachi has two extra tricky bits to focus on as well as all of those points. Firstly the motodachi wants the strike to be straight. The striker... Continue Reading →

Etiquette: Keeping out of trouble

Most dojos I have trained at have differences in etiquette. Watching others and copying them is probably the best rule of thumb. The examples in this video are ones that are definitely going to get you into trouble even if you see others doing them. And we do see other people doing these things. Probably... Continue Reading →

A journey in Jukendo – Klara – Days 51-54

10.09.2017 Sunday – another day without training, though not without sticks, apparently. Ewa and Simon went down to Shubukan dojo in Itami to practice Tendō-ryū, an ancient budo that is really fascinating, but unbelievably complex, as it includes an array of weapons and techniques. I was truly hypnotized by those several ladies (plus two white... Continue Reading →

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