Jukendo level and grading requirements

All Japan Jukendo Federation Eligibility Requirements Jukendo・Tankendo: Dan, Shogo, Referee Certifications DAN Shodan                 Must be over 13.   (provisional:  must have been holding the rank of 1-kyu for a minimum of 6 months.)   2 dan Must have been holding the rank of Sho-dan for a minimum of 1 year.   3 dan Must have been... Continue Reading →

J is for Jukendo. And for Japan – Part 3

By Nuno Vieira de Almeida   July 23rd 2018 This would be the first day of Jukendo training in Japan and, lucky me, we would be training with a group of people from the Japan’s Self Defense Forces (Jieitai) in the afternoon. Because of the intense heatwave sweeping Japan, hydration and preventing heatstroke and exertion... Continue Reading →

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