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Ewa and I were introduced to Jukendo after seeing Baptiste Tavernier on NHK. We were in Japan for a brief 3 month stay and thought it would be fun to try. Terada Sensei kindly agreed to train us despite Ewa turning up on crutches the first day. We spent that first afternoon in his driveway... Continue Reading →

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Training drill: Relaxing shoulder

https://youtu.be/uN49fjyZeqk By Simon Larsen and Emily Jackman It’s important not to be tense when training - this drill can help to release tension from the shoulders before and during strikes. Note that this drill is deliberately doing some things wrong in order to build up to a more correct strike. In normal kihon do not... Continue Reading →

Training drill (Advanced) – Circles

https://youtu.be/YjZfqKhpWs8 By Emily Jackman and Simon Larsen This more advanced shiai exercise is another one from Yamaguchi-sensei; it’s not complicated but it does require good timing and footwork to do successfully. The shuugisha takes the initiative to enter from tomaai using suriashi - as they cross ma-ai the motodachi, who does not move in, attempts... Continue Reading →

Yamaguchi-sensei Lesson 4: Full technique

https://youtu.be/hH-bq61X9ww By Simon Larsen and Emily Jackman This is the full exercise which follows on from the work in the previous 3 lesson videos. Again, if you’ve not practiced the techniques from the earlier lessons it’s advisable to get those under your belt before adding this all together. The full technique consists of the shuugisha... Continue Reading →

Replacing mokuju tampo

https://youtu.be/yosViTJ5Glo By Emily Jackman If you’ve ever replaced the sakigawa on a shinai then this is not likely to be too new to you. This technique is also similar when changing the sakigawa on your tanshinai. You’ll need: - a new tampo - tsuru - thin flexible wire that can be bent into a hairpin... Continue Reading →

Yamaguchi-sensei Lesson 3: Mae tsuki mae

https://youtu.be/9u2vuz8wSz8 By Simon Larsen and Emily Jackman Again, if you haven’t already seen and practiced the exercises from lessons one and two, it’s worth reviewing them before taking on this extension. In this exercise we’re now starting from outside of ma-a which requires an additional step in to reach distance before doing tsuki mae. If... Continue Reading →

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