Etiquette: Keeping out of trouble

Most dojos I have trained at have differences in etiquette. Watching others and copying them is probably the best rule of thumb.

The examples in this video are ones that are definitely going to get you into trouble even if you see others doing them. And we do see other people doing these things. Probably best you don’t though.

My favourite is when people step over a weapon, someone yells at them so they then step backwards over the weapon as if this will undo it.

Some other things to watch for are:

  • How tidy are the shoes at the door and which direction are they facing?
  • Is everyone bowing every time they pass through the door?
  • Is everyone in seiza when they pack / unpack their bogu?

Mostly people are happy to explain if you ask. Don’t stress too much, you’ll get some stuff wrong.

But don’t step over weapons.

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