Match 45: Mens Individual: 17th All Japan Tankendo Championships

Commentary by Bert Hsu

The opponent was supposed to be stronger than my first round. I thought I needed to be more careful… while I was thinking about that, the opponent had jumped into my coverage to strike.

In a losing status, there was no choice for me but to attack aggressively. Then my opponent started attempting to trap me with Seitai …Seitai waza might be not easy to score but it is a good way to break the balance of an opponent’s Kamae.

During the third Seitai attack by my opponent, my right arm waved a big circle to try and break his grip on my arm, it was too big. That kind of motion can make a weakness in my central line…not only a weakness, actually it might be called a big hole … My final point was lost because of that mistake.

Being aggressive to control the leading situation of the competition is the winning way always. Facing a stronger opponent, I need more courage to move forward then I may obtain the chance to survive.

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