What a ride! A journey in jukendo.

What a ride it had been! I cannot really look at those initial videos. Just the same, I can’t browse through the photos from the first Polish Jukendo seminar . Those clumsy moves, those basic mistakes, and the absolute lack of any clue what I’m doing on my face.  Not that I don’t do stupid... Continue Reading →

A journey in Jukendo – Klara – Days 51-54

10.09.2017 Sunday – another day without training, though not without sticks, apparently. Ewa and Simon went down to Shubukan dojo in Itami to practice Tendō-ryū, an ancient budo that is really fascinating, but unbelievably complex, as it includes an array of weapons and techniques. I was truly hypnotized by those several ladies (plus two white... Continue Reading →

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