Training basics: Tai sabaki

Where the feet should be in the basic stance:

There is a gap between the heels when viewed from the front, a mokuju should be able to fit lengthways between your feet. Don’t let the back heel be hidden by the front foot when viewed from the front.

The basic stance is said to be 1 to 1.5 times the length of your own foot wide. So, measuring from inside, the distance between the feet of someone with 27cm long feet should be 27cm to 40cm apart.

The front (left) foot points directly at the opponent and the right is 15 degrees inside perpendicular to it


How to move:

Use the ball of the back foot big toe to push forward.

The front foot slides along the floor like a lion hunting. Do not lift it up off the floor and step forward.

When moving backwards use the ball of the front foot to push backwards.

Ensure you maintain seichu-sen (correct vertical centre line), do not lean forwards or backwards.

Knees are slightly bent.

Your centre of gravity doesn’t bounce up and down or forwards and backwards, it moves horizontally and smoothly.

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